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OpenSearch is a scalable, flexible and extensible open-source solution for search, analysis and observability applications


Opensearch: OS Compliant & Enterprise Ready

100% Open

OpenSearch is a project released on the Apache 2.0 linceza, and provides all the basic and advanced functionalities available to any project

Community driven

The project benefits from the continuous guidance and collaboration of a community of developers, engineers and system administrators


the OpenSearch engine is based on Apache Lucene, a highly scalable system for providing rapid access and response to large volumes of data


It makes integration with other services and data sources possible, through native connectors and a set of APIs to develop custom ones.

Ease of exploration

It integrates customisable Dashboards for data visualisation and presentation, monitoring and system observability.

ML ready

Supports Machine Learning models, which can be uploaded and exported to the platform, giving the possibility to customise and improve search algorithms


OpenSearch: Main Features

SQL based

Provides familiar SQL query syntax. Uses aggregation, grouping and WHERE statements to examine data. Reads data as JSON documents or CSV tables so you have the flexibility to use the format that best suits your needs.

Anomaly detection

Leverages machine learning anomaly detection based on the Random Cut Forest (RCF) algorithm to automatically detect anomalies as data are imported. It also uses alerts to monitor data in near real time and automatically send warning notifications.


Schedule, export and share reports from control panels, saved searches, alerts and views.



Automatically monitor data and send alert notifications to relevant parties. With an intuitive interface and powerful API, easily set, manage and monitor alerts. Create highly specific alert conditions using OpenSearch’s comprehensive query language and scripting capabilities.


Machine Learning

Using machine learning, run the nearest neighbour search algorithm on billions of documents in thousands of dimensions as easily as any normal OpenSearch query. Use aggregations and filter phrases to further refine similarity search operations. k-NN similarity search powers use cases such as product suggestions, fraud detection, image and video search, related document search and more.



Use Cases

Fast, scalable, full text search

Application & Infrastructure monitoring

Security & Event Information Management

Operational Health tracking

A team with certified experience

Seacom provides a team with certified experience, able to support you in all steps of platform adoption.

We assess your current DevOps maturity and technology stack and provide a detailed solution design, approach, roadmap and project plan to achieve and support your goals.

A dedicated assistant for your project

Seacom provides you with an Open Source Account Manager (OSAM) who can support one or more people in your company in:

  • Define the growth objectives of your IT department, identifying the most current challenges
  • Choose state-of-the-art technological solutions
  • Implement processes and technologies
  • Develop specific skills on the issues

Integrate Opensearch into your infrastructure!

Our Data Management Business Unit is able to develop additional customised connectors on any service, as required.

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Le novità di OpenSearch 2.4.0

Le novità di OpenSearch 2.4.0

Abbiamo testato l’ultima release di Opensearch, la 2.4.0. Tanti gli upgrade, soprattutto in ambito sicurezza, e interessanti funzionalità come la possibilità di integrare modelli di machine learning. Diversi passi avanti che suggeriscono un’interessante road map, da...

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